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Deepfakes let Mona Lisa talking

With a ‘deepfake’ video you can equal who equal what to say or do. But easy it was not. So you had to have enough and good photos of the ‘victim’ to the ‘deep learning’ network behind the deepfakes with your workout. Until today. Samsung has come up with a system that on the basis of one portrait a surprisingly credible video drop.

While American giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, usually with the most attention in the field of AI, had the South Korean Samsung always had trouble counting. Bixby, the South Korean answer to Siri, and Alexa, is often weggelachen. But the pelvis migratory Mona Lisa can perhaps bring about change. Note that the AI of Samsung own teeth can come up in the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Though the result is often far from perfect. So can Samsung one photo of Marilyn Monroe turn into a talking version – which is not really more on Monroe seems.