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Campaign The Standard falls in the prices

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The Standard has on the main reclamefestival of the country, the ” Creative Belgium Awards, three major awards.

The award-winning campaign revolved around ‘voortschrijvend insight’ and showed how The Standard with a new insight to his own past looked.

So titlethe The Standard ever how good diesel is for the environment, while new insights taught us that this was wrong. Another example showed how The Standard in 1962 the word ‘nigger’ on the front page.

The campaign was awarded a Gold and two Silver Awards. The prices are particularly fond of The Standard for the strong use of copywriting, the best persadvertenties and also as a integrated campaign.

The advertising agency behind this campaign is the Mortierbrigade. Also last year scored The Standard together with the Mortierbrigade on the gala in Knokke.