Bryan Adams at number 1 in the Celebrate the 80’s Top 1000

89bf1250f4cf8f37292bc2c71a4d16dd - Bryan Adams at number 1 in the Celebrate the 80's Top 1000

A whole week long, from Monday 20 may to Friday 24 may 2019, reversed the Joe-dj’s in duo’s 1000 favorite 80’s pictures of the Joe-listeners during the Celebrate the 80’s Top 1000. The Joe avondspitsduo Raf Van Brussel and Rani De Coninck was the number 1 known: Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams.

Last year, chose the Joe-listeners 888 pictures during the 80’s Top 888. There adorned Careless Whisper by George Michael is still number 1. This year in the Top 1000 stranded the same number on the second place. Don’t You by Simple Minds close the current top 3.
Madonna and the King of Pop have the most songs in the list. They passed both sixteen times in the list. Most of the Belgian quotations are for Clouseau and The Kreuners. She adorned each of the six quotations. Anne van Clouseau is the highest ranked Belgian number on place 38.