British prime minister Theresa May will resign on June 7

A very emotional Theresa May has announced that on June 7, boarding the vehicle, after nearly three years at the helm of the country. The pressure within her own party was too large.

“I’ve done my best to have an EU referendum to respect. I have the terms and conditions of the departure, established new relationships with the partner countries. I have members of parliament try to convince, but that is unfortunately not succeeded. I have three times tried.’ May caught in an emotional message on the steps of 10 Downing Street her efforts for the Brexit did together. That task has now come to an end. “It is, and always will be with much regret that I have not been successful to the Brexit to perform. It is now up to my successor to find a way to the result of the referendum to honour.”

May had already promised to leave. But she kept her final exit off until after the approval of her brexitakkoord. That agreement was adopted by the parliament already three times rejected. But in the last week of May is under heavy pressure. A final rescue attempt of her deal hit heavy resistance. Both her own party members and members of parliament of the opposition party, Labour allowed to know the reincarnation of her brexitplan not to want to support. Her speech on Tuesday led to a revolt within the Conservative Party. A fourth vote on its deal was not there.

The party and the government names mentally already bid farewell to May. Her party leader in the house of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, took all of an advance on May’s end. They submitted Wednesday her resignation and is getting ready for the opvolgingsstrijd.

The battle to have her follow-up will start on 7 June. The 1922 Committee and start the preparation. May will be the beginning of June the visit of the Us president, Donald Trump is still in the right direction. She also remains acting prime minister until her successor is known.