Belgian IS-women left out Kurdish camp

7854f315fffddf8f80356d3eee830987 - Belgian IS-women left out Kurdish camp

Six women of Belgian IS-fighters have recently from the Kurdish camp All Hollow, escape from human traffickers. That says Heidi De Pauw, Child Focus. Professor Gerrit Loots, that the situation in the camps closely follow, confirms that a number of Belgian IS-women in the camp has left, according to the news site Apache.

According to Apache, it is not clear where the women go, and whether they are on the way to Belgium.

In 2017, the Belgian government decided to allow the women of IS-fighters are not active to repatriate to Belgium. Experts warned then that the government therefore the door for illegal return openzette.

The women are, according to Apache recently from the Kurdish camp All Hollow through people smugglers escaped. It is also not clear whether they are Iraqi or Syrian territory. “The Belgian authorities are aware of the situation,” says Heidi De Pauw.

Professor Gerrit Loots through his contacts in the camp heard that in the last days, European women are left. “My sources had it about Belgian women.” He stresses that the ‘ontsnappingsthema’ via people smugglers is a theme that is very alive in All Hollow: “Many people have given up hope on the legal way to return. Some European countries, including Belgium, chose to do their Syriëstrijders and their women do not take back nor himself to justice.’

The cabinet of minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders responded yet to the question of whether the government is aware of the situation.