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Arsène Wenger is ready for a “new role in football world”

5907bb66e828da8afdbd28e632fde3ef - Arsène Wenger is ready for a “new role in football world”

Since his parting with Arsenal last summer, is still around Arsène Wenger, but that does not mean that the 69-year-old Frenchman finished with the football world. “You will remember me in football at work. Or that as a coach, I don’t know,” said Wenger on Friday in an interview with British public broadcaster the BBC.

In his retirement, he told Wenger that he is back in a new club to get started. “I thought I was soon at the other club coach, but ultimately I enjoy what distance to take. Now I stand at a crossroads: I am sure that you remember me in football to work will see. This sport is still my passion.” Or that as a coach, dropped the Frenchman for the first time in the middle.

Wenger decided last summer after 22 years at Arsenal. The Frenchman coached the London club since 1996. Under the reign of ‘Le Professeur’ was Arsenal three times champion in 1998, 2002 and 2004. He also won seven times, the FA Cup, the last in 2017. It was a farewell in a minor key, because due to the absence of important awards, there was already criticism and also grasp the club in his last season with a sixth place in addition to the Champions League. “I miss the Premier League and especially Arsenal, because the club I have my heart lost”, he admitted. “I have 22 years of my life to Arsenal. Every minute stood in the character of the club, which, for always the mine will be.”