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3.5 hours long, quivering buttocks in Cannes – yawn

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Abdellatif Kechiche does Cannes with the eyes turning. Six years ago, miserable he tempers all with La vie d’Adèle, now it was his new film Mektoub, my love: interlude. ‘A porn movie’, people said that the room used to be left. ‘Yawn’, says our reviewer.

What directors are concerned, few are as controversial as the French-Tunisian Abdellatif Kechiche. The 58-year-old filmmaker got in his career already twice the César for best film and was made in 2013 is the occasion for a riot at the Cannes film Festival. There he won the Golden Palm for his film La vie d’Adèle, a decision on where to talk about this for years would be.

Thorn in the eye of many film fans were the long sex scenes in that film. ‘Ridiculous’ and ‘unbelievable’, said Julie Maroh on which scenes. The writer of the comic book on which the movie was based, saved its criticism not on Kechiche. Also the hoofdrolspeelsters were angry and said never more with the director that it will work.

Six years later, in the same Cannes fuss around the new film by the same director. During the display of Mektoub, my love: interlude walked the room during the film largely empty. The occasion was a scene of eleven minutes in which to be seen is how people having oral sex with each other. Very explicitly, and not even simulated, so write filmrecensenten who were present.

Ode to twerken and oral sex

The film lasts 3 hours and 28 minutes and was by many attendees described as disgusting. ‘Ridiculous how often female butts in the frame’, ‘This is pure pornography ” and ” The worst movie I had seen’. In The Telegraph gave the movie one star, Los Angeles Times calls the film “the disaster of Cannes and The New York Times calls it a “3.5 hour-long ode to twerken and oral sex”.

We have, therefore, but to our reviewer asked.

Jeroen Struys says: ‘Never thought of it that feminine clean to me would ever get bored, but Kechiche succeeds wonderfully, with a whopping 3.5 hours long, quivering buttocks. At the premiere, left even the lead actress in early the hall. You could not even ask or perhaps she was not happy with the full-screen close-ups of her pussy, because she sent her cat to the (obligatory) press conference. This kontenfilm will still get a tail.’