VTM makes Flemish version of I’m leaving

64de1ecf75164cfb9f5af25dc9a341a6 - VTM makes Flemish version of I'm leaving

I Departure, the iconic tv program that in the Netherlands high tops, shaves, gets a Flemish version. VTM and production house Lecter Media go in search of couples and families all forever want to leave to abroad for a new life and start a business. In I Departure, the families followed, from the first preparations in Belgium and the emotional farewell of their family until the arrival in a strange country and the opening of their case.

In the Netherlands, I leave the past 14 years to a real tv hit. In our midst series at Vitaya this year, an average of almost 124.000 viewers live+delayed). In total, 170 who emigrated families or couples followed, of which 140 are still a successful business to operate. They left their all and keep it behind for a leap into the unknown. I Departure follows the excitement, the euphoria and the emotions, but also the business concerns, the language problems and the confrontation with other laws and local customs.