Valerie De Booser see mama more decrepit

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Valerie De Booser is this week one of the three weekgasten of Gert Late Night, also they can not escape from the bedgeheimen of James Cooke. James Cooke was Monday not yet clear how Valerie would click, he knew the model and the wife of Koen Wauters, not really. But it clicked soon and so was Valerie Wednesday night is also an open book.
Mieke, mother of Valerie, has been sick for a while. “She has very severe Parkinson’s disease and dystonia”, says Valerie in Gert Late Night. “And now that is still a bit more decrepit for her. They’re deep, with her mind”, it sounds emotional. “She has euthanasia is requested. That is merde chez, eh?” Valerie would like that request never happened. “I’m really a bit evil to, as she says. I do not want to hear,” sobs Valerie. “I can now, however, just as vienna, but soon I will create a click and then it goes better. I expect that really her: “Make that click and come on,for your children and your grandchildren’. I just can’t do it, every time to hear that she no longer wants to be.”