Valerie De Booser had to laugh with the ‘betrayal’ of her husband

af6a1ec9aadb9057ad780b286bbcb6a7 - Valerie De Booser had to laugh with the 'betrayal' of her husband

Valerie De Booser and Koen Wauters are already more than 15 years, happily married, together they have two children: Zita and Nono. Valerie is aware that she is a megagoeie man. Valerie has her husband always supported the things that he does, even though she had to be there quite veelopofferingen to do. “To be aware of that the people also do not. He was very much able to do this because I was there.”
Koen has of Valerie in a number of ways other woman made. “I was a jealous type, and since I’m Koen I’m, actually is that way”. Yet, Valerie is perfectly capable of doubting the fidelity of her husband. He is often away from home, often in the company of other people, and there was a while ago the rumor that Koen Valerie cheated would have with Natalia. “That is but one time, about Natalia. That one or the other medallion with him on a parking lot would be caught with Natalia. When have I had a good laugh. I have a second of doubt. What I really liked was when the kids from school came and the other students whom were addressed. That is not awesome, eh.” Between Valerie De Booser and Koen Wauters, there is an age difference of 12 years, that is not little. “I feel that often when he returns home. Then, he is what burnt out. While I … He is at home and I want some attention. But, yes, that man does a lot, eh. He will not like to admit it,” laughs Valerie in Gert Late Night.