Theresa May proposes publication Brexitwet again

944a5c88b65c5c6c434147ce329c81b0 - Theresa May proposes publication Brexitwet again

The British prime minister, Theresa May, the publication of her Brexitwet – the ‘Withdrawal agreement bill – again delayed. It raises the rumors that May after all the criticism no longer intends the law even in its current form, to submit it to the parliament.

The Withdrawal agreement bill – ” Wab ” in the British press – is the law necessary to the Brexitakkoord with the European Union to convert in the British legislation. Because that echtscheidingsakkoord but not by parliament, hit, threw the British prime minister May to the beginning of this week about a different approach: in exchange for support for her ” Wab ” she explained, a dozen concessions on the table, including the promise of a vote on a second brexitreferendum.

That last one is the Brexitvoorstanders in her party and a large part of her government in the wrong throat shot. The abuzz Wednesday the entire day of the rumors that May would have resigned under increasing pressure from a large part of its government, but the resignation of minister Andrea Leadsom happened there does nothing.

The Brexitwet would normally be on Friday 7 June in the second reading to be submitted to the parliament. May would the text Friday to publish. But the first minister seems her cart now to have turned.

Consultation with ministers

In the parliamentary calendar for the coming weeks is already no trace of the Withdrawal agreement bill. And the publication of the document should now only happen in the week of Monday, June 3, announced partijgenoot Mark Spencer Thursday.

According to her spokesperson plant May the rest of the day consulting with her ministers in the government about the Withdrawal bill. “The first minister is listening to her colleagues about the law, and will further discuss,” she said. That seems already to insinuate that May still think that they can stay on.