The Efteling removes caricatured African and Asian dolls

cc7665e417f7923de36b99f9ae975efd - The Efteling removes caricatured African and Asian dolls

An attraction in the Efteling amusement park, with African and Asian dolls, is custom. The dolls according to the theme park, a look that better fits at this time, reported the NOS.

The attraction revolves around the character Jokie who, with his hot-air balloon around the world travels. Also Ketnet sent the series out.

Jokie lands including in Africa and Asia, but the dolls that the Africans and Asians to act out were stereotypical. Africans had frizzy hair and a nose ring, the Asians had a long, protruding front teeth.

That is now all adjusted after having been there for some time, criticism was made on these dolls.

The past few months was the attraction thoroughly renovated. Not only the appearance of the Asian and African dolls is adjusted. Dozens of other characters also have a coat of paint.

Incidentally, it is the attraction ‘Monsieur whiterabbit aka stephen”, where the children in a cooking pot of a cannibal crawl to a mad road trip to experience, not yet adapted. Also by that attraction, since 2016 gefulmineerd.