Sandra Bekkari stops at VTM

32869ede3417b41fb524b0554506c841 - Sandra Bekkari stops at VTM

It is (for now) over and out for the ‘Open kitchen’ Sandra Bekkari on VTM. The newspapers of “media house” tackle Thursday with the news that the tv chef is no new episodes of ‘Open kitchen’. Over the past two years was Sandra Bekkari, the largest part of the year to 18 hours on VTM to see with her own daily program around healthy cooking and eating. But there come this fall no new episodes more. Sandra Bekkari is with a number of new projects are working and which require so much time that there is no time for pictures. “I would like to thank the VTM, my team and my viewers for the four beautiful seasons and a total of 300 episodes. Choose is a bit of a loss”, we read in The Newspaper. “I’m anxious to get this autumn a new concept that will consist of a series of books, an event and a host of other food initiatives. I build my work to have a healthy lifestyle even easier in everyone’s life to fit”, read, we are still in the newspaper. Striking news still of Sandra Bekkari, just two years ago, Sofie Dumont VTM replaced by Sandra Bekkari. And now stop Sandra Bekkari with it. Which program is ‘Open Kitchen’ will be replaced is not yet clear.