Rutte and Baudet convert contradictions into focus: “Why do you say that Dutch women are less ambitious and gezinsdingetjes do?”

797dd31555bba62f8dbe275e991d996d - Rutte and Baudet convert contradictions into focus: "Why do you say that Dutch women are less ambitious and gezinsdingetjes do?"

Premier Mark Rutte (VVD) and Forum for Democracy-leader Thierry Baudet went Wednesday night with each other in debate about the European elections. The two party leaders, it would be hard and personal reproach are not.

Thursday choose the Netherlands new Mep. Both politicians, however, are not on a European list, but their parties are, according to polls in a neck-to-nekrace involved. The debate was especially the contradictions between the liberal VVD and the Forum for Democracy a further focus. VVD-leader mark Rutte tried to make it clear that a major victory Forum would be detrimental to the security and stability of the Netherlands’.

Tv presenter Jeroen Pauw modereerde the call, which was hung on some by both parties formulated statements. The abolition of the euro, the meaning of a Nexit out of the European Union and the migratiekwestie were some of the themes.

Forum for Democracy want out of the EU and the euro. Prime minister Rutte emphasized the economic benefits of the EU and the euro area. “It is as if you are out of the window, it jumps and hopes that you are on the road wings.’

Machtswellustelingen obsessed with Russia

“If you are VVD agrees, then there will be a European army’, warned Baudet. According to Rutte decide not the Mep, but the government about a European army. “They are wise women and men. You can put a schijnrisico down.”

Thierry Baudet called Rutte “more a follower than a leader, “and someone” without moral compass”. “Why there is that obsession from Europe to concentrate on Russia?”, early Baudet. “All machtswellustelingen, Napoleon, Hitler, Van Rompuy and Juncker, were all completely obsessed with Russia.’ The liberal premier accused his opponent ‘naive compared to Putin’ and ‘Russia-knuffelaar. “Do you want Putin to keep quiet by the lions sometimes quiet pet? I don’t understand your politics, it does not.’

‘I love women, women love us”

In march, Forum for Democracy in one fell swoop the largest in the Provincial Statenverkiezing. The party can in the First Room of the work of the government-Rutte quite difficult.

Until a week ago had the prime minister any direct debate with Baudet denied. But when the Forum internal to the fiddle went, he challenged the newcomer.

Forum began as a right-liberal party, but they’re slowly all the way in the far-right, anti-European and illiberale corner. This week managed Baudet again in the Netherlands on the rod to hunt with an essay. Therein he pulls of leather against individualism, but he also gets hard to the typical liberal achievements as euthanasia and abortion and the emancipation of the woman.

“Why do you say that Dutch women are less ambitious and gezinsdingetjes do?’, asked Rutte during the debate. “We are the most female-friendly party of the Netherlands. I am fond of women. Women are very fond of us, ” said Baudet.

The two politicians were also personal questions to one another. Baudet asked Rutte when that last had been crying. ‘When my sister lost. Four years ago, ” replied the premier. ‘Her amazing strong, ” said Baudet.