Remnants last slave ship that in the US arrived found in Alabama

eb5fc468fdddb7815964d7cfc9b1d1a4 - Remnants last slave ship that in the US arrived found in Alabama

The remains of the last ship which is known to the slaves to the United States, is found in the American state of Alabama. That have scientists and the authorities confirmed.

The ship Clotilda was on the Mobile River in Alabama has been found, according to the Smithsonian Institute. It transported illegally 110 Africans to Alabama, fifty years after the ban on the entry of slaves in the USA in 1807.

The search for the sailing ship was conducted by the Alabama Historical Commission (AHC) and the maritime archaeological group of SEARCH, with the help of the Smithsonian Institute.

After the arrival of the West Africans in 1807 were about 25 people and sold to slave traders, but most of the crew remained in Mobile, Alabama. After the American civil war, founded the survivors of the Clotilda Africatown.

Slave trade until 1863

“This is a way to tell a story that too often has been silent,” said co-director of SWP, Paul Gardullo. ‘Righteousness can lead to recognition, righteousness can lead to hard, honest conversations about repair and reconciliation.’

The U.S. banned the slave trade on 25 march 1807, but the ban was to take effect in 1808. The trade in slaves was not, however, until the emancipation proclamation of 1863 put an end to the civil war and all slaves freed who were being held in the rebellious southern states.