Prime minister Modi on the road to won in India

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According to the first count is the hindu-nationalist BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) of prime minister Narendra Modi over the lead in the elections in India. The party would be in 277 constituencies on the head. If that trend continues, it retrieves the Modi-led alliance is easily the absolute majority of 272 seats.

The elections for the ‘Lok Sabha’, similar to the Chamber of Representatives in Belgium, was a massive undertaking. But less than 900 million voters – more than the entire population of the European Union, the USA and Australia together – got the chance to go to the ballot box.

By the sheer logistical size were the elections spread over seven phases, which took place between Thursday 11 april and Sunday 19 may.

In the meantime, has begun with the counting of the votes, it is expected that the outcome of the election on Thursday are already clear.