Politicians anxious to release American talibanstrijder after 17 years in cell

de2c33646f3e2a138463c9ad3d10488c - Politicians anxious to release American talibanstrijder after 17 years in cell

John Walker Lindh, an American who in 2001 was arrested as he was for the Taliban moisture, it is Thursday, early released from the prison. Lindh is one of the many prisoners from the ‘war against terror’ that are released and that makes the Americans worry.

After John Walker Lindh in 2002 as the first American imprisoned in the US after 9/11 and declared the ‘war against terrorism’, was the now 38-year-old man sentenced to 20 years in prison. Lindh is now three years earlier than expected released from the prison in Terre Haute, Indiana by good behavior. He gets strict conditions imposed, report American media on the authority of Lindhs lawyer.

Lindh converted during his youth to islam. He was at the end of 2001 arrested near Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan. At his trial, the young man that he to Yemen had traveled to Arabic, to learn and then to Pakistan to islam to study. He had there to his own words, voluntarily joined the Taliban to his muslim brothers to help in their fight. Lindh also stated, however, that he never ‘against America wanted to fight’ and that he ‘terrorism on any level ” condemned.

Still published the magazine Foreign Policy in January 2017, a report by the National Counterterrorism Center, that declared that Lindh since may 2016 ‘continued to call for a global jihad and violent extremist texts written and translated’. According to NBC wrote Lindh in 2015 in addition, a letter to the radio station KNBC from Los Angeles, where his aid would be pronounced for terrorist group Islamic State.

Several American politicians ask themselves questions at Lindhs early release and wonder if parole and probation officers be sufficiently trained to radicalisation can be detected. The American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo called the early release ” incomprehensible and comprehension transcending’. ‘He threatens still the US and still believes in the jihad he has waged, ” says Pompeo on Fox News.

In addition to Lindh will the next few years dozens of detainees released in Iraq and Afghanistan captured by Us troops and were convicted and sentenced for terrorism-related crimes.