Pelosi asks entourage of Trump to ‘intervention’

dc336cdc7c17ab6a8b71ffa56a77cb64 - Pelosi asks entourage of Trump to ‘intervention’

It is still there bovenarms between the Democratic chairman of the U.s. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and president Donald Trump. After the president yesterday had announced not to want to negotiate with the opposition, asks Pelosi to the entourage of the president to ‘an intervention’.

“Once again, I pray for the president of the United States. I would like to that his family, or his government, or his staff, an intervention would do for the good of the country’, as was again hard from the mouth of Pelosi. They also repeated that Trump is not able to work on complex legislative issues.

Wednesday there was a discussion with Trump about the modernisation of the infrastructure in the US, had recently Pelosi him of a ‘cover up’ the accused. According to the Democratic leading lady was the head of state of a tantrum during the meeting. He left that in any case, after three minutes, and said that it was impossible for legislation as the Democrats to him, falsely accuse.

Pelosi said Thursday that Democrats in the House of Afgevaardigen not yet ready for a formal impeachment procedure against Trump to start. They also denied that there are divisions within her party over the issue. She called the Republicans in Congress to work with the Democrats on legislation to work without a Trump, if the latter refuses with the Democrats to work together.