Panasonic suspends deliveries to Huawei on

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The Japanese electronics giant Panasonic on Thursday announced that the delivery of some components to the Chinese group Huawei suspends. The measure is a result of the decision of Washington to Huawei on a black list because the company is in command of Beijing guilty to espionage.

“We have the supply to Huawei and 68 affiliated companies that are subject to a ban of the U.s. government, suspended”, said spokesman Joe Flynn of Panasonic to AFP.

There are only a limited number of products involved and the measure will hardly have an impact on the income, had Panasonic previously know.

The components in question would be related to the production of smartphones. Panasonic provides components for Huawei devices, and some of the products of the Japanese firm, making use of American parts, writes the Asian business newspaper Nikkei.