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New developments in the case, Craig Wright, and the Copyright on the Bitcoin white paper

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New developments in the case, Craig Wright, and the Copyright on the Bitcoin white paper

Home News New developments in the case, Craig Wright, and the Copyright on the Bitcoin white paper

Marcel Knobloch –

The US Copyright Office has recently received a request from Craig Wright, the face behind Bitcoin, SV, in which he has the Copyright on the Bitcoin white paper proposes.

Due to this claim, and perhaps as a result, many believed the dizziness of Wright, it increased the Bitcoin SV course of a few days ago to more than 100%. The next day Bitcoin SV recorded more than 80% growth.

The US Copyright Office has now published a press release in which the following Copyright request to the Bitcoin white paper explains:

The copyright office does not have an opposition procedure for copyright registrations, such as, for example, the Patent and trademark office, procedures available for patents and trademark registrations. Disputes on the claims from a registry can be decided before the Federal courts, including disputes about the authorship of a work. Someone who inserts false information in an application, may be subject to penalties.

The US Copyright Office replied that it is not in particular check used in Bitcoins case, in which a “Pseudonym” or a fictitious Name, as it is in the literary and entertainment industry, the claims.

In a case in which a work under a Pseudonym is registered, not investigated the copyright office, whether there is a demonstrable connection between the plaintiff and the pseudonymous authors.

Craig Wright sued Peter McCormack

McCormack had previously challenged Craig Wright’s statements and said he would fight to the end in court, to prove that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig Wright has sued McCormack because of the claims. According to the lawsuit, Craig Wright had 2. May, among other things, a Defamation case against Peter McCormack initiated. He demands a punishment and an apology before the court, because he is Craig’s claims, he puts Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin, reflected. The Details have not been released, because it is out-of-court information. Peter McCormack was under British law a new time limit for the 24. May 2019 given that the McCormack has tweeted:

RE: Craig Wright. This Morning I spoke with two of the best law firms in the world. I’ll set a within a week. Let’s get this Motherf**ker get!

Crypto-Twitter seems to support Peter McCormack, as they have done during the fight with @hodlonaut. Pro bono offers from lawyers and GoFundMe campaigns started to help Peter against Craig before the court. The Drama will be resolved so soon before the court. starts Petition

In one other development has started a Petition to have Craig Wright’s name from the Copyright of the Bitcoin white paper again to remove them:

“On October 31. October 2008, the Bitcoin Whitepaper was published by the Creator of Bitcoin under the Pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is since a decade a mystery, many Suspects have emerged, but no one is sure. In the midst of all this confusion, Craig Wright, a well-known scammer has falsified many documents, including filing a fake E-Mail claimed in a billion Dollar lawsuit, the throne of Satoshi Nakamoto, and if he is confronted with the proof of the claim, he gave only fake documents.

A few days ago, he has exceeded the limit, he has filed a Copyright for the Bitcoin white paper, which for many is a sacred investing, has prompted many gullible people in the so-called “real Bitcoin”, Bitcoin, SV, to, by Wright, Craig, the Creator of Bitcoin, SV, as Satoshi look left. This is an extremely unethical act that is done by Craig, and the real Satoshi can’t deny the claim even as he was, and probably wants to remain anonymous. I want Craig Wright’s Name will be removed from the Copyright of the Bitcoin whitepaper.“

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