Milkshakes, the new ammunition of the British left-wing offensive?

Both Brexit-head with Nigel Farage as the extreme right-wing activists Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) received any money all of one or more zuivelsalvo. The demonstration – ‘milkshaking’ baptism – replaces the pelting with eggs or cakes.

The raw egg that a young man carefully on the mind of the Australian conservative senator Fraser Anning petste, is already obsolete. In the United Kingdom to punish activists, right-wing politicians now with a milkshake as a projectile. On Twitter, the hashtag #SplashTheFash in the life called, referring to the alleged fascist-like atmosphere of the first target Tommy Robinson.

Professor of European politics Kevin Featherstone (London School of Economics) explains the protests to The New York Times. ‘The victim makes himself ridiculous, and the fouls of his or her political aura’, he says. Also Benjamin Franks, an expert in political philosophy at the University of Glasgow, emphasized the efficiency of ‘milkshaking’: ‘It is easy to obtain and it also sees onverdacht. At least until recently.’

Although milk for a while as a reference to white supremacy is used in the internetcultuur, it seems that the symbolic value according to Franks on his head.


Robinson, a consultant with the Ukip and former leader of the anti-islamic movement English Defence League, if so the first to take delivery. In two days time he got the white gunk twice on gekogeld. On 1 may proved to be the according to the video a langeafstandsschot, and then to see how his followers the offender after ran. The day he received the full charge from close by. Delivery of service Danyaal Mahmud later claimed in British newspaper The Observer that Robinson him offended had ” during their conversation on the street, and he at that time happened to be a milkshake in hand’.

In the week of may 20 if Carl Benjamin already up to four times the milk of his face rubbing. The candidate for the European parliament elections, made it all fur by his joke about the rape of a Labour mp Jess Philips.

Within the visor, was Nigel Farage during one of his campaigns on Monday. Farage lies with his Brexit Party well in the polls: according to YouGov gets the eurosceptic party 37 percent of the vote. On Twitter be Farage the ‘radicalised stayers’ the finger pointing at the counterparts of the departure of the UK from the European Union.

Not only politicians proved to be a target. Wednesday was also a journalist of the American right-wing news site Breitbart News prey on like-minded activists.