Lawyer of Stormy Daniels accused of embezzlement of money client

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Michael Avenatti, the former lawyer of the American ex-porn star Stormy Daniels, Wednesday, indicted for the misappropriation of money from his client. He was previously accused of attempted extortion and financial crimes.

According to the sixteen-page indictment, which is released by the federal prosecutor of Manhattan, would the lawyer documents have been forged. Then he was able to direct $ 300,000 (269.000 euros) to itself, to override, that actually was meant for his client. It was about a part of the advance a publisher had paid for a book that she would write.

Avenatti became world famous as the advocate of Stormy Daniels. They challenged president Donald Trump for the right to a non-disclosure agreement to the value of 130,000 dollars to disconnect. In exchange for the money was Daniel’s silence about an affair she would have had with Trump in 2006.

Stormy Daniels – that is officially Stephanie Clifford called – is not name and shame mentioned in the written indictment against Avenatti. It is spoken about ‘victim no. 1’. But several American media confirm that it is indeed going to be the ex-porno. Avenatti confirmed that Wednesday also itself indirectly in a tweet, in which he assured ‘that any money that affiliated was to Daniels ever darkened, ” and that his innocence is proven.

The money that Avenatti darkened was, according to the attorney used for all kinds of personal and professional expenses, such as the rental of a Ferrari. If he is found guilty, risking the steradvocaat a prison sentence of up to 22 years.

Also accused of extortion and fraud

With this new indictment, it seems that the legal problems of Avenatti will not solve the job. He is also accused of extortion and fraud. He has always loudly his innocence is made known. In march he was arrested, but he was released after he pays a deposit of $ 300,000 was paid in.