International pedofielennetwerk on darkweb dismantled

57c88ef638c2572d72a3f8a1030a76bb - International pedofielennetwerk on darkweb dismantled

The international criminal police organisation Interpol has an international pedofielennetwerk dismantled on the darkweb. In the framework of the operation were already nine people arrested in Thailand, Australia and the United States.

The operation, which in 2017 by the Interpol was launched after the discovery of pedopornografisch material on a web site on the darkweb with 63,000 members, also made sure that fifty children could be saved’, says Interpol.

People from different countries have found the material analyzed, which include the abuse of eleven boys under the age of 13 years. They lokaliseerden IP addresses in Thailand, Australia and the United States. In Bulgaria have the cybercriminaliteiteenheden the server of the website will be deactivated, which for several years each week new material was placed.”

Nine people were arrested, according to Interpol. The main administrator of the website, which in Thailand lives, was identified as the perpetrator of the abuse, the eleven boys, among whom his cousin.

A other webmaster, from Australia, was when he was arrested in possession of thousands of pedopornografische files in Thailand and Australia were included. He was on the images is often seen as the main perpetrator of the abuse on children, one of whom is a victim at the time of the facts only 15 months old. The two men were sentenced to, respectively, 146 and 40 years in prison in their home countries.

Very extensive network

In the USA, in addition, different people picked up that a relationship of trust with the victims, such as a person that his two year old half-brother abused.

The research, in which sixty member states of the police organisation to participate, it is possible for some years, continued, as it is a very extensive network. Except for the fifty rescued children, of whom age and nationality was not released, like the officers there are still a hundred other identify who may be the victim of the network.