Fleming looked at a total of 969 years, Game of Thrones

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This weekend looked at Flemings to the latest episode of Game of Thrones, one of the most popular series ever. 1 throne 7 kingdoms, 8 seasons, 73 episodes, 4.184 minutes: a few simple figures that GoT summarize. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Telenet popped up as a result of the denouement of the epic in the statistics: how popular was the series exactly, and how did the viewing of the Game of Thrones fans out there?*

In the run-up to the last season to have no less than 55.000 Telenet customers the previous seasons to prepare for the denouement. Season eight was an unprecedented success: the first episode was on Monday 15 april (the premiere) is already more than 50,000 times requested. That is 150% more than episode one of season seven. Of course, is the increase due to the hype around the series, but also to the fact that this year not only in Play More premiered, but also in Play.
Season eight was not only in Flanders with great success: according to HBO reached GoT per episode worldwide, around 44.2 million viewers. That is more than 10 million more than season seven. In Flanders reached season eight in the first six weeks of two times as many viewers as season seven.