Duncan Laurence gives concert in Antwerp

79317a82b9a5ea64aa375b4e0e757d10 - Duncan Laurence gives concert in Antwerp

Duncan Laurence made last weekend to his role for the 64th Eurovision song contest entirely true. The Dutchman won with the song “Arcade”, own composition, which he made during his studies at the rock academy in Tilburg. The song tells the story about the quest to find the love of your life. The hope for that which is unattainable. Duncan supported his ballad during the live show of Eurosong with a sober act in which he is alone on stage behind his piano sat. The jury was full of admiration, the public in Europe and embraced him completely. He returned home as the big winner. The favourite with the public.

“Arcade” full all streaming and chartrecords dying. His Dutch tour in October is now completely sold out. A livetour across Europe, the logical sequel. On Saturday 30 november, the likeable singer-songwriter in Trix in Antwerp. The ticket sales start Friday, may 24th, at 10 am via and