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Cyprus makes it possible to: Master’s degree in crypto-Coins – Coin Hero

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Cyprus makes it possible to: Master’s degree in crypto-Coins

Home News Cyprus makes it possible to: Master’s degree in crypto-Coins

Matthias Nemack –

Crypto-currencies get to Unis soon, the necessary recognition? The University of Nicosia establishes a vital Foundation stone.

Cypriot Union, Bitcoin & co. is dedicated to its own master’s degree

With the Knowledge about the function of the Blockchain and the technical features of different crypto-currencies of Bitcoin is Ethereum to Zcash not rocket science, it’s more understood classically active investors now increasingly. Anyway, digital currencies and in the ordinary course of trade, so that crypto-Coins gradually leave their niche, and as a payment option in more and more Online Shops have a role to play. In a University environment, however, digital currencies often at the mention of it. The University of the Cypriot metropolis of Nicosia is now important signs with a new study offer for these growing crypto sector.

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Other universities start similar deals?

In the financial courses of study – often, especially private universities – come to Bitcoin and co. currently only incidentally in each seminar offered for the language. Cyprus is progressing but once again, as one of the most important locations of the industry with an offer for a crypto-master’s degree with a good example. Blockchain, crypto-Investments and the purchase of digital currencies such as Litecoin and XRP are the focus of the course. After it had passed the spring of the beginning of the first messages in this direction, the main development are addressed steps now, finally, pointed at in a publication of the University of Nicosia said. The fact that the University also operates outside Cyprus branches, such as in the US metropolis of New York, expands the circle of potential graduates who prefer instead of an Online presence variant of the course.

Tuition fees with Bitcoin, pay

So interested parties can go through alone, in Cyprus, a study. By the way: The master’s degree is the logical consequence of the offer under the name of “Digital Finance” that the University had introduced in the year 2013. To date, students could not “make your Master but in crypto-currencies”, but had to focus after the bachelor’s degree, for example, on the Blockchain. Also cryptography, a possible master’s focus. Tuition fees can be paid to the University upon request, in crypto coins. Interested parties could be, according to the University, business people, government employees or service providers of the financial world with enthusiasm for the possibilities of application and the technical opportunities.

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