British newspapers are already taking farewell of Theresa May

176a7943c7dcec7f810c8f22d32fc280 - British newspapers are already taking farewell of Theresa May

‘The end of the road’, ‘tears in the back seat’ and ‘Tearesa’. After the tragic day that the British prime minister Theresa May yesterday polite, take the British newspapers today saying goodbye to her.

Should anyone still doubt that the days of the British premier as well as counted, then let the British morning newspapers this Thursday, little doubt. The most common image is that of May on the back seat of her official car be with tearful eyes looking into the lens.

The Daily Mirror is one of the tabloids that picture, next to the headline ” Tears in the back seat’ (Tears in the back seat). The newspaper writes that the farewell of May reminiscent of the last days of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister. She puts a picture of a very emotional Thatcher, at her departure in 1990.

The Sun used the same image, but choose (as is more often the case) for a play on words as headers. ‘Tearesa’, this is the find. The newspaper describes her as ‘isolated, and locked up in number 10’, referring to the official residence of the British prime minister, 10 Downing Street.

‘Final showdown’

In The Guardian it sounds that May cling, desperately to the power, locked up in number 10’. The newspaper writes that they have the stark choice is ” self, or out of, to be rolled by her own party.”

The Daily Express , asks: “how many May yet can tolerate’, though it is not the first time that question is asked. “The final showdown is in sight’, says the.

‘Painful to see’

On the front page of The Daily Telegraph no photo of Theresa May, the yesterday opgestapte minister Andrea Leadsom. In a razor-sharp commentaarstuk describes the newspaper her as ‘a cracker that 10 Downing Street is occupied”, and states that ” the lack of self-esteem in May be painful to see’.

The Daily Mail finally, the headline is unambiguous, that May be the end of the road’ has been reached, and expect tomorrow to hear if the premier will actually go. The newspaper talks about yesterday as a ” day of disaster where with the knife and is swinging’.