Big surprise: the Labour party seems to be a European election win in the Netherlands

abc0f4933aa52a94c5d13ad418118cc5 - Big surprise: the Labour party seems to be a European election win in the Netherlands

European commissioner Frans Timmermans and PvdA jump according to the final exitpoll of three to five seats in the European elections in the Netherlands. Prime minister Rutte and his VVD also rise, but beaches with four seats on the second spot, the Forum for Democracy of Thierry Baudet would be only three seats.

In the European elections in the Netherlands, the Labour party five seats in the European Parliament bringing, almost a doubling compared to the three seats that the Labor Party achieved in 2014. This is also apparent from the final exitpoll of the NOS that Thursday evening at 21.30 hours was published, with a margin of error of one seat per party.

A surprise, because the whole of the Netherlands was expecting a battle between the VVD of prime minister Mark Rutte and Thierry Baudet of the eurokritische Forum for Democracy. The two went to Wednesday night even more directly in debate. To no avail, the VVD went to move forward, but ends with four seats shared second with CDA. Baudets party, if at the first participation in the European elections according to polls immediately five seats expected, but might now beaches on three seats, just as Captain.

According to the Dutch opiniepeiler Maurice the Dog is European leader, Frans Timmermans, this week on the campaign with the SP.A in Antwerp, for a large part responsible for the surprising profit of the party. In a recent survey of seven thousand Dutch voters showed that a lot of voters who at the local elections for other left-wing parties voted, now to the Labor Party withdrew.

Timmermans is vice-president of the European Commission. If spitzenkandidaat of the socialists, he is a candidate to current European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to follow.

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The emergence lag in the Netherlands is slightly higher than in 2014: 41,2 percent of the Dutch electorate went to vote, compared to 37 percent four years ago.