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Banksy chased in Venice

The British streetartkunstenaar Banksy posted yesterday a remarkable video on his Instagram account.

In the video, is a man to see that a stall up in the city, and then by the police, chased away is. Short is the artwork to see that the man was trying to showcase: a collection of paintings, which together form one whole. Under the title of ‘Venice in oil map how Venice is overrun by cruise ships.

“I set my stall on the Venice Biennale. Despite the fact that this is the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, I’m here for one reason or another never invited’, it says under the video.

Online is already a while busy with discussions or Banksy in the Italian city of inside. On the wall of a channel state for the past two weeks a work for which a child is seen with a life jacket and a torch where a pink glow brahma-jyotir. The Art Newspaper saw in the work a reference to the remarkable installation, Barca nostra, the shipwreck that in 2015 sank when the refugees transported. With this film, it seems Banksy’s presence in the city to confirm.