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Who wins the ‘Game of thrones’: love, reason, or fear?

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Who will from the ashes of King’s Landing rise up as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms? The Drakenkoningin her place, she needs her dominion to give it to Jon Snow, or is there a third player with the crown?

Spoiler alert: who is the season finale of Game of thrones have not watched click better way.

The last episode starts with Tyrion, who is dazed by the scorched streets of King’s Landing. This is no coincidence, he has an important role in this finale. His speech and smooth tongue to save not only his own future but that of the whole empire. Those who thought that his family ties had been cut, was wrong. The first thing he does is go looking for his brother and sister. If he is under the stone their corpses, he leaves not only for Jaime, but even for Cersei a little tear.

He then goes in search of his queen, a triumphant victory speech for her army of Unsullied and like this. Daenerys promises its followers that they will rule over Westeros, but the whole world will be free of tyranny. Its expansionist and hungry for power are not appeased. Tyrion has soon realised that the Drakenkoningin not to stop, and take with any sense of drama to resign as Hand of the queen. Daenerys remains so completely isolated, none of her original team of counselors is still at her side. Luckily, she can still rely on the Grey Worm, which they are to be the head of the army is promoted, and Tyrion in captivity. How the relationship between her and Jon Snow is, remains just guess work.

Also, if a prisoner is Tyrion not yet uitverteld, and he tries to Jon to convince you that Daenerys is not suitable to be on the throne to sit. Loyal Jon sees his love for the queen is no reason in the words of the little man. ‘Love surpasses reason”, sighs Tyrion. “And love, kills of a sense of duty’, adds Jon. But Tyrion turns his words to. ‘Perhaps a sense of duty sometimes love is dead’, he asks. It might all be to no avail, to Tyrion, the family card draws: what will happen with Sansa and Arya to happen if they refuse to bow to Daenerys?


The iron throne, where Daenerys is already so long dreaming of is waiting for her. She turns to Jon to her victory with him, and asks him along with her to reign. Not only about Westeros, but across the whole of the world. Jon asks outright what the new world should look like, and Daenerys replies that they are simply the rules of the game will determine. The liefdeskus that follows, Daenerys (and the viewer) believe that Jon has chosen, but nothing is less true. He makes his heart a stone and kills still the queen. His love for her was not enough to co-rule, but also his fear for her was not big enough to be recoiled for murder. Will Westeros be ruled by reason?

The sadness of Drogon after the death of his mother is heartbreaking, and he because his anger on the iron throne. That melt, and Game of thrones gets a different dimension: there is suddenly no throne to fight for.

Team Daenerys or Jon?

Or is that just what is about to happen, a big fight between the Lords and Ladies of the Seven Kingdoms? The clear leidersfiguren his death (Cersei and Daenerys) or captured (Jon), and the Lords and Ladies of the different regions have to determine what to do. Yara Greyjoy remains loyal to Daenerys. Arya let her threats to the address of Jon not just pass by. Tyrion rightly notes that the right to judgment at this moment no one to turn to.

They have a new leader is needed, a king or a queen. ‘Choose just one, ” he says. Sam suggests something like democracy, but it was his time far ahead. Tyrion does want to see a proposal. “What brings nations together more than stories?’, he asks. And according to Tyrion offers Bran the best stories, so to nominate him as king.

His candidacy is amazingly fast accepted, except by sister Sansa. It shows only a bit of political self-interest during this meeting. ‘The North has everyone saved from the kill, and the people has seen a lot of the knee bend. The North remains independent, ” says Sansa. King Bran agrees. And from now on will be the new king or queen is always chosen by the Lords and Ladies of the Six Kingdoms. The first seeds for a democracy to be planted.

Tyrion is, unwittingly, for the third time in his life Hand of the king. A suitable punishment, Bran. Not really, finds Grey Worm. Unfortunately for him, the will of the king law.

The wall

It is especially Jon who has to pay for. Grey Worm has him captured, and wants to see the blood of the man that his queen killed. It is a other sanction. Righteous and naive Jon, Aegon Targaryan prefer, with the best claim to the throne, reluctantly back to the wall sent. He should not marry, no children and have no land to possess. The circle of Jons life, of bastard about Lord Commander King of the North, around: he should go back to af. There is no magical plot for our hero, on the iron throne, in the bed of a queen, or even on the back of a dragon. It is a bittersweet ending for Jon, but one with a silver lining. He is reunited with Ghost, waiting for him on the wall.

Who is also easy on Jon is waiting for, is Tormund. And thus breaks Jon at the end of his story is still a rule. He is not good at the Night’s Watch, but joins the Wildlings and pulls the white north.

The end

Game of thrones gives viewers what they want: a fitting end for the characters. Sam is Grandmaester and sits on the board of king Bran the Brackish, together with Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, that the money should count. Brienne says goodbye to Jaime, and writes his story down as a member of the King’s Guard. That makes it suddenly obvious that they kicked him to Lord Commander of the King’s Guard. Ser Davos is vlootmeester in the council of king Bran.

Grey Worm sails to Naath, and also Arya chooses the high seas. They want to know what is west of Westeros is. Sansa kicks the naive girl who dreamed of the queen to be next to her beloved Joffrey to … queen. Of the North. And there, she has no man. All hail the Queen.

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