Wednesday, the last Heroes From Here on VTM

a046b90dda27fcf644a21762a784a9bc - Wednesday, the last Heroes From Here on VTM

The summer of 2018 was hot. Very hot. That also had its effect on the forests and meadows. In the latest episode of Heroes of Here: Through the Fire on Wednesday, may 22, hurry the fire to a nature reserve, where speelpleinwerkers a forest fire have discovered. “In the news you hear more and more about fires. In Portugal, California, … I suspect that we in the future still more to go,” said adjutant Kristoff Bemelmans.
In Antwerp are still bombs dug up and found. Even bombs of the two world wars have survived the ravages of time. The fire department gets a call of a man who thinks a bomb is found to have in his garden. “That a bomb is found in a residential area, is surprising,” says captain Lieven Hilgert. The Heroes Here have to be very careful with this situation, because even old bombs dare already to explode.

Schools practicing regular evacuations, but no school is hoping that exercise ever really need to have. When the alarm at the fire alarm for a possible fire in a school, it is all hands on deck. “We go for everyone by a fire, but for children just that little bit more,” said adjutant Kristoff Bemelmans. The fire brigade rushes to the railway, where a freight train is stopped with a leaking container. The stuff that is released is acetic acid, a corrosive product can burn. Equipped with respiratory protection and a fluid-tight suit goes to the fire department of the leak to the body.