Washington suspects that the regime of new chemical attack carried out in Syria

08ac4aab19bb1b465d628a62fe721cf5 - Washington suspects that the regime of new chemical attack carried out in Syria

The United States will have “indications” that the regime of Bashar al-Assad for a chemical attack in Syria. The U.S. warned Tuesday for retaliation.

In a communication, the American ministry of Foreign Affairs report of an ‘alleged chlooraanval in the northwest of Syria.” That would be on 19 may in the morning have taken place.

“We warn again, if the regime of Assad chemical weapons use, the United States and its allies quickly and appropriately respond,” says spokesman Morgan Ortagus.

For the American president Donald Trump is the use of chemical weapons a red line, and he announced earlier two vergeldingsaanvallen against targets of the regime: in april 2017 as a response to an attack with saringas and a year later, together with France and the United Kingdom, as a response to a chemical attack on the citizens of Douma.

According to the spokesperson of Foreign Affairs, this new ‘alleged attack is part of a campaign of violence of the regime, that the cease-fire violation that millions of citizens in the province of Idlib protects’. ‘The attacks of the regime on communities in the northwest of Syria must stop”, sounds the yet.

Tuesday 26 soldiers killed

Violence flares again in the region. In an offensive that jihadists Tuesday launched against the government forces in the northwest of the country are 18 fighters and 26 soldiers emerged. It reports the Syrian Observatory for human Rights (SOHR).

Russia and Turkey were previously agreed to a demilitarized zone in Idlib, the last province still in the hands of the jihadists. But since the end of april to be the jihadist stronghold, and the nearby province of Hama bombed by the government forces of Bashar al-Assad and his Russian ally.

Tuesday, the jihadists in a counter-attack carried out in the north of Hama. The attack was centered on the town of Kafr Nabuda, who since may 8, back in the hands of the regime, let the SOHR know. It came to 18 jihadists, among whom the driver of a bomauto that five Syrian soldiers killed. In total, died 26 soldiers of the Syrian army.

Sana, the state news agency, reported that ‘terrorist groups’ – a general term for groups that oppose the Syrian regime missiles afvuurden in the western part of Aleppo, which is in the hands of the regime. There would be six civilians have died.

According to the SOHR, since april 30 at least 180 civilians died in the attacks. Sure, 150,000 people are on the flight. Friday said the UN still of a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ in Idlib when the violence persists.