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Verkiezingskoorts and hot topics on the special meeting Pro League

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Tomorrow/Wednesday, may 22 is perhaps the most important Pro League-assembly of the season on the program. The special general meeting has been called to a number of hot topics to address. With dot at the top of the packed calendar: the competitiehervorming. But in the Parker Hotel in Diegem should also have a new chairman will be elected.

The current tv contract expires in 2020, at the end of next season. In February 2018 gave the Pro League as a trigger to the debates open. But as the tension climbed, attacked the negotiations quiet. By the voetbalschandalen of the past months disappeared the competitiehervorming all the way from the foreground of the image, and in the meantime they sit in the Pro League with the hands in the hair. To the new round of negotiations with the rights holders in the best possible conditions to start as soon as possible clarity regarding the format. Marc Coucke would about take care and to all the clubs visit to takes off. But that circle of the former Pro League chairman is never completely afgeraakt, as confirm sources in the Pro League. The special meeting is not in the best possible conditions from the start.

Two proposals for competitieformat

However, there are two proposals on the table, which on a broad base to rely on. A first proposal is a competition with twenty professional clubs, without 1B. A second is a competitieformat with fourteen 1A-clubs and twelve 1B-clubs, especially by the tweedeklassers worn. The current formula remains in principle valid until the end of next season. Only by a majority of 80 percent or 36 of the 45 votes – for 2019-2020, a change take place. For the season 2020-2021 need a two-thirds majority.

Linked to it must also the conversations started to be about the new tv contract, or the media rights such as that now called. There must a key be found to the tv. Also there is a discord, because some of the top clubs (especially Anderlecht, Club Brugge and Standard) play with the idea of the rights of their home matches completely by himself to the market. Their relative weight in the tv contract is bigger, and they want more money in return. A situation in which the F11 and 1B-clubs absolutely want to avoid.

Successor of scheidsrechtersbaas

The seat is going (to 10.00 pm) start with a discussion of David Elleray and Peter Bossaert, that the plan of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) around the Belgian arbitration from the cloth will do. Later will Elleray and Bossaert that the plan proposals to the press in the Belgian Football Center in Tubize. The Pro League will probably be also to decide about the successor of scheidsrechtersbaas Johan Verbist, that the avenue was sent. The scheidsrechtersbaas must always come at the recommendation of the Pro League.

Anyone who follows Marc Coucke?

Finally, there is Wednesday also verkiezingskoorts in Diegem. Marc Coucke got in april as chairman of the Pro League. The Anderlecht-president, followed in June 2018 Roger Vanden Stock, but suggested his tenure was less than a year later, again at your disposal. Nobody imagined already officially a candidate for Coucke to follow, but all eyes seem focused on Peter Croonen. The chairman of KRC Genk was even asked by Mehdi Bayat to stand as a candidate. Croonen itself is kept in a reaction at Belga on the plains, but does not deny that he is a candidate. In addition, the three mandates of the Pro League in the Executive Committee of the belgian football association. It comes to the mandates of Joseph Allijns (KV Kortrijk), Mehdi Bayat (Sporting Charleroi) and Michael Verschueren (RSC Anderlecht). They are Wednesday the candidate to extend, but also Luciano D’onofrio (Antwerp) would be aces on a place in the highest bondsorgaan.

In any mood, however, it applies the following rule: a voice of the G5 counts for three, the other 1A-clubs have two each. The eight-1B-clubs have one vote.