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Tron: CTO and self-proclaimed co-founder resigns due to “a lack of decentralisation” – Coin Hero

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Tron: CTO and self-proclaimed co-founder resigns due to “a lack of decentralisation”

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Marcus Misiak –

The CTO and the (self-proclaimed) co-founder of Tron (TRX), Lucien Chen has announced that he will leave Tron. As the reason for his resignation, Chen in a Medium Post that there is a lack of the TRON network to decentralisation and, therefore, a “new TRON” with the name of the Volume to the Network (VOL) would like to build.

In the Medium of the Post-Chen tells how he co-founded in Tron, Justin Sun, such as the Tron-network switched from Testnet to Mainnet, and on the Adoption of BitTorrent (BTT). Lucien writes that there are “irreconcilable contradictions” between him and the current Tron Team, and said that the Justin Sun, founded in Blockchain project was the original Tron.

I decided to go, in the hope that my original spirit to recover and my new TRON to rebuild.

Lucien, a technical expert, said he was very sad that Tron had lost Faith in the “decentralization of the network”. He said that it is Stake in Delegated Proof-of-and the Super-Representative System is a large “Problem with the centralized vote” to give. According to him, some of the Super-Representative Nodes have more than 90% of the votes with only a few voters. He claimed that the vote “the ordinary retail investor” is thus one.

Lucien also mentioned that Tron had nothing to do with a decentralized Internet, so that the network can currently not be taking any “real” Internet applications. Lucien, who said that the Tron-Ecosystem is far from commercial applications, adding that DApps in the network is basically the game of luck, and financing of the projects are confirmed, what is that Tron is deviated from the objectives of the Blockchain.

The spirit of the Blockchain is decentralized, while the Tron project is centralized. The Token distribution is centralized, Super Representatives are centralized, the Code development is centralized. Also, the community is organized under centralization. There are no different voices in the Tron-Ecosystem more. The whole project has become a monetary Instrument without a “decentralization of the Web”-spirit.

The Tron-Foundation, has returned the favor with an answer in the Subreddit of Tronix is to provide information about Lucien Chen and two other former employees of Tron, which were dismissed, inter alia because of “theft of trade secrets and intellectual property”:

According to information provided by the inspection Department of TRON, the former employee Chen, Zhu and Xie are suspected to have the funds propose to have the bribery, antitrust violations, theft of trade secrets and intellectual property are made. Chen, Zhu and Xie were released in January of 2019, due to violation of company policy. Relevant documents and materials of the judiciary were passed. For example, cells in 2017, came in October, not as a co-founder, but as a technical Director to TRON.

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