Theresa May seems to be next to last chance on Brexit-deal to grab

22520a44634d32ef42c910623c1a8661 - Theresa May seems to be next to last chance on Brexit-deal to grab

The concessions that the British prime minister Theresa May on Tuesday presented in exchange for parliamentary support for her Brexit-law, seem to be no breakthrough will force the issue. At least twenty party members that its Brexit agreement previously supported, and hooks even. Her own government is divided.

The veelgeplaagde May made Tuesday yet again a bend in the Brexit-saga. Because the house of Commons its deal with the European Union time and time again continued to reject making the Brexit already had to be postponed – she threw it over any other bow. In exchange for support for the ” Withdrawal Agreement Bill, the law that is necessary to Brexit-deal with Brussels to the Uk legislation to be able to translate, said they are prepared to to a dozen to compromise.

The promise of a vote on a second Brexit referendum, was the most prominent. Himself said May not be a good idea, but they have to say ‘sincere feelings’ in the parliament to be heard, and said so still a tack. May hoped more mps from her own party and in Labour on the bridge.


But the offer seems to be a cold stone, to fall. According to the British newspaper The Guardian have been at least twenty of May’s followers decided the Brexit deal is not to want to support, while they previously did for the agreement voted in the parliament. “She betrays the outcome of the referendum of 2016 and everything she said, since she first minister is,” says the Conservative mp Robert Halfon to the newspaper.

The Times reports that even party members of May the internal rules of the Conservative Party want to change, so that a new attempt can be made to have her put down. At the end of last year survived May have an internal vote of confidence in leaving her position, according to the rules only at the end of this year again in the discussion can be held. But some Conservatives want previously able to do, even if it promised May that they anyway would blow as soon as her Brexit deal was approved.

‘Total cloud’

The Northern Irish unionists of the DUP, that the government May gedoogsteun deliver, call the concessions of May, then again in the ‘total cloud’.

Also the opposition is not warm May’s concessions. For Labour and the Liberal Democrats, the proposals do not go far enough. “The promise of a vote on a second referendum without a statutory warranty, is not enough’, says Labour mp Peter Kyle.

The Scottish SNP wants the text not to support, just because the Scots not Brexit, says partijleidster Nicola Sturgeon. ‘Theresa May told members of parliament that is against the law to vote, choose the Brexit to stop. So that is exactly what we will do.”

Government divided

Earlier leaked all out that May’s own government completely divided about is the new initiative of the prime minister. Allegedly was May willing much larger to make compromises, but should they return when several ministers tegenstribbelden. One of them would be threatened with dismissal.

In contrast to some of its members of the government remains the prime minister determined to use the ‘Withdrawal Agreement Bill at the beginning of June to submit it to the parliament. She wrote to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn Wednesday a letter in which she him recall the text to support. ‘I have demonstrated that I am willing to compromise to the Brexit for the British people. I ask you to get water to the wine to do, so that we can deliver what both our parties have promised and trust in politics can restore.’

But Corbyn declared Tuesday night all to the BBC that he does not intend May cover. “We will not have a repackaged version of the same old deal of support.’

Rotslechte poll

Because the Brexit in april on the long path is pushed – is currently planned for 31 October – the British still go to the polls for the European elections.

In the latest poll by YouGov and The Times is the Brexit Party of populist Nigel Farage is the big winner with 37 percent of the vote, followed by the pro-European Liberal Democrats, with 19 percent. Labour and especially the Conservatives are heading for a massive defeat, with respectively less than 13 and 7 percent of the vote. The Tories would therefore but the fifth party in the United Kingdom.