The netherlands, involuntary sex and harassment punishable

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In the Netherlands, involuntary sex and sexual harassment a criminal offence. That first is necessary to make victims out of fear ‘freeze’ and not a protest, better to protect, says the. The second should be that intrusive elements are no longer left to their own devices on the streets and on the internet.

Now at our northern neighbours, sex is only punishable if there is coercion. That almost always means that the target object should have. But more than two-thirds of the victims huddle in fear and is unable to defend himself, or even to protest, say researchers.

The Dutch minister of Security and Justice, Ferdinand Grapperhaus (CDA) says there, especially since the #metoo-movement, convinced that the protection of victims is lacking. The judge must already be able to condemn as the perpetrator knew or should have know that his victim is no sex wanted, he thinks. The penalty is a bit lower than that for rape. The minister believes up to six years in prison.

Unwillingness can be seen from an explicit no, or afhoudende body language, writes Grapperhaus to the Dutch Second Chamber. But it is also noticeable vacillating, stiffen or is not (or no longer) participate with the sex can be enough. That must be the reason for the initiator to ask if the other sex still will. Let that, then that is punishable. That latter variant will, in practice, however, what is lighter will be penalized.

Public space, giving back to women

Also, sexual harassment can now be punished, on the street and on the internet. It may, for example, sexual touching and comments, and obscene gestures fall. Grapperhaus wants the public space back to, for example, young women who by intimidation some places to avoid, or otherwise go to dress.

In Amsterdam and Rotterdam is already a local ban on ‘sizzle’ and other straatintimidatie. The minister wants that now rural addressing.

The netherlands has already in 2011, with other countries agreed to have sex against the will, and sexual harassment punishable by law. From the #metoo-motion makes Grapperhaus also that the time is ripe for it. The society tilt a heavier weight to such conduct than formerly, he thinks.