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Telenet Giants Antwerp you can believe in prices on Basketball Awards Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and MVP

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The Basketball Awards in Ribbon brought especially a lot of success for Telenet Giants Antwerp. Ismael Bako was voted Belgian Player of the Year, Paris Lee was voted MVP (all nationalities) and Roel Moors and finally to Coach of the Year.

The trophy of Belgian Player of the Year by the Newspaper to its 61st edition, and is the second oldest sport price in Belgium. In 1959, this was Sinjoor Jef Egyel of Antwerp, the winner, in 2019, Belgian Ismael Bako Telenet Giants Antwerp the best Belgian of the EuroMillions League. Bako is in the selection of coach Roel Moors is an important pawn, and was also dominant in the Champons League. He was elected by the way to be the best center of the kampioenenbal. “If you see any names on the roll of honour sparkle of Belgian Player of the Year is a honor to present this trophy to win. Of course prevail in a ploegsport the collective prices. The gain in the Cup of Belgium and the third place in the Champions League were so far our highlights. After obtaining the polepostion we go now for the title,” said Ismael Bako. “Yes, there is a lot of interest from abroad. Also from Spain, I’m not going to deny that,” says Ismael Bako.

Roel Moors (40) of Telenet Giants Antwerp was again elected Coach of the Year in the EuroMillions League. Moors was this campaign, even though voted the best coach in the Champions League. In Belgium, it is after finished his debut season in 2016, his second election in this referendum. Moors was in his career, also four Belgian Player of the Year. He is the only one in the Belgian basketball that is both the trophy Player and Coach of the Year on his cv. “This is of course a wonderful recognition, but a collective prizes, such as this year, the Cup of Belgium are still on top of my bucketlist,” says Moors.

The MVP trophy (all nationalities) went to Paris Lee (24). The American guard of the Giants has a great season in the Inhabitants. Lee is a floorleader that scores and allows scoring and led the Giants to bekerwinst, bronze in the Champions League and the poleposition after the regular phase, He was also the Star of the Coaches of The Newspaper. The outcome of this was processed in the MVP trophy. “Recognition of the coaches is wonderful. After the victory in the Cup, the title would be the icing on the cake,” said Lee, who next season will likely be at AEK Athens to get started.

Laure Resimont wins trophy Belgian Player of the Year and MVP

Laure Resimont was in the Belgian vrouwenbasketbal the large triomfator on the Basketball Awards in Ribbon. The 21-year-old Belgian won both the trophy of Belgian Player of the Year as well as MVP (all nationalities).

It moves quickly for the 21-year-old Belgian Cat of Sint-Katelijne-Waver. In 2017 she was named Pledge of the Year, in 2018, she became Belgian Player of the Year and made this campaign a “Salumuke” and won the trophy Belgian Player of the Year, also the MVP trophy (Most Valuable Player – all nationalities). “This is incredible, and I thank especially the coaching staff and my teammates. With a young SKW we knew that a magnificent season,” said Resimont who signed for an insane average of 23 points and 6 rebounds. “We reached the final of the belgian Cup and the play-offs and missed just a ticket for the second round of the FIBA Europe Cup. This with a team that, on average, less than 20 years,” said Resimont European average of 18 points left to record. Resimont leave, in the wake of other Cats such as Kim Mestdagh, You Allemand and Antonia Delaere, the Belgian league for the strong French LFB. “At Tarbes, I hope an even stronger player. But now all attention goes to the preparation with the Belgian Cats. I go everything from the cabinet to the final twelve to get to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS next summer in Serbia,” according to Resimont.

Lifetime Achievement Award for Willy Steveniers

At the Basketball Awards in Ribbon received Willy Steveniers the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Emperor of the Belgian basketball was in december, 80 years old, but is still nothing of his looks lost and radiated, somewhat emotional, when he got a standing ovation was treated. Steveniers was four times voted Belgian Player of the Year, captured a European selection, and was in that match voted the best Player of Europe. He gave plenty of players, including Roel Moors and Didier Mbenga, individual training.

Becky Massey follows twin sister Billie on

The trophy of Belgian Promise of the Year at the women stays with the family of Massey, and in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. The 19-year-old Becky Massey following the hall of fame, after all, twin sister, Billie. Becky was one of the performers last season at SKW and signed for an average of 10 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists. Next summer she goes with the Young Cats and with sister Billie looking for success at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS U19 and european CHAMPIONSHIP U20. Nice detail, the sisters Massey shall expire on the same day (21 march) as Tito Casero, who was three years older, the Promise of the Year at the men.