Stefaan Degand openly about death woman

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In the program The Columbus spoke to Stefaan Degand full of praise for his deceased wife, Julie. Who died in the summer of 2017 as a result of a bacterial meningitis. Julie was just 31 years young, way too young. In addition, she was pregnant, and their unborn child died so. Stefaan has been in place since the death of his wife only, he still has a daughter, Mila, who is barely 2 years old when she said goodbye to her mom. “I think it’s important to Mila to explain that very much in the live game. That people play, I think that’s very important. We have put together a lot of imagination. About one thing, we speak no imagination: on the death of her mother. Because of that, the harsh reality is, because of that, the unpredictability of the nature, because that honestly need to be told. Mama is no asterisk, it is not the case. That was my biggest concern: ‘from the hospital to my child to tell my child to say that her great god, her great heroine, her everything would disappear for the rest of her life.”

“I had the very difficult. I saw only the horror!. A child of almost three years that every night to her mom calls: “I want mama, mama, mama, mama.” I saw only that. Honestly, I have even two seconds in my head thought of when I was on its way to Mila to tell it: I’m not able to. That is to give. Two-count. And that thought was immediately. I’m with Mila. Snot, tears. And I have the sentences said, mommy, is tomorrow, just like grandma. And we are going to her never see again. They are sitting in our hearts for the rest of our lives. “