Position Theresa May is hanging on silken thread

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Is Theresa May making her last days as prime minister of the United Kingdom? It seems like more and more. A number of her ministers want to tonight with the May meeting to be ” about her future talk’. “Maybe it takes a few days, but May is ready.”

The attempt by Theresa May to her new Brexitdeal to defend in the house of Commons, turned today on a tarnished spectacle. Even before they are really up to the word came, left the conservative party members in bushes at the meeting. After her speech was followed less than applause. And then she also ask for the feet cast on the today-announced bankruptcy of British Steel, the largest steel producer of the United Kingdom.


Is the song of May, who in recent months several vertrouwensstemmingen survived, out soon? There seems in any case more and more. May was even engaged the parliament to speak when British media has reported of an upcoming rebellion. A journalist of ITV reported that the Scottish minister David Mundell to hold an emergency meeting with May had requested to ‘to talk about her future’.

According to The Telegraph boasted a number of ministers in anger after seeing the draft of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, the law that is necessary to Brexitdeal with the EU to British legislation to translate. To that law digest, promised May yesterday a dozen concessions to want to do. Now it appears according to The Telegraph out of that draft that May is willing to have gone much further than within its government was agreed.

‘May is ready’

‘It’s over. Maybe not immediately, but it has happened’, said a minister Wednesday afternoon against a journalist of the Mail On Sunday. “Maybe it takes a few days, until Friday, but May is ready.”

The crucial question remains, however, who May then would follow, if it is actually that far. Within the Conservative Party, nobody feels called to be in the place of May the Brexit to a good end. ‘It depends which minister you’re talking to. One says that May next week anyway, not a prime minister more, the other says that they also this storm will survive’, says a BBCjournalist on Twitter.

Want May still be of no districts know. Asked if today they would board the vehicle, said her spokesman that they ‘remain focused on the work that her to do, and that they are confident that she has the support of its government’.

Rotslechte poll

The continuing deadlock also means that it remains unclear how and when the United Kingdom from the European Union will take steps. The current deadline is October 31, but that deadline was in the past already pushed.

Because the Brexit in april was postponed, the British tomorrow and get to the polls for the European elections. In the latest poll by YouGov and The Times is the Brexit Party of populist Nigel Farage is the big winner with 37 percent of the vote, followed by the pro-European Liberal Democrats, with 19 percent. Labour and especially the Conservatives are heading for a massive defeat, with respectively less than 13 and 7 percent of the vote. The Tories would therefore still only the fifth party in the United Kingdom.