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Osimhen is doing Charleroi continue to dream of European football

b3ead8146787112c445f2e705af6f7c4 - Osimhen is doing Charleroi continue to dream of European football

Charleroi plays Sunday against royal Antwerp for the last European ticket. It wins the final of Play-off 2 against Kortrijk. Striker Osimhen made with two goals from an early deficit to undo.

It started for Kortrijk also been fairly dramatic, when top scorer Avenatti already after two minutes relapsed in his liesblessure and the match had to stop. But cold shower hit a half a minute later immediately, in mad joy as his substitute Imoh Ezekiel is on power up doorzette and just goalkeeper Riou lobde – the Nigerian was exactly 25 seconds on the field. That was a scare for the visitors in the last eight matches, seven clean sheets – they had their defensive plans revised. That happened, with the “fire” that coach Felice Mazzu had predicted. Little by little they came into the match, but the combination was too messy to be a strong Kagelmacher in the back of well organized CHAMBER of commerce to worry, only a far shot from Hendrickx caused some danger.

Kortrijk, a few times uitbrekend, seemed best under control, the Walloon resistance remained limited to bitsig middenveldspel. But then there was suddenly Osimhen, all the all the time buzzing. The volley of the Nigerian, is discharged by Hines-Ike, on the corner of Bruno was verschroéiend. Osimhen: topspits, tweette Franky Van der Elst immediately.

A genever with a chaser of Hines-Ike was the only answer that the CHAMBER of commerce still had the rest seemed to have the match overturned.

Because the Zebras pushed in the second half immediately. Kortrijk tried to redress the balance but missed the front clear the aanspeelpunt Avenatti. And just when it did seemed to succeed was there again Osimhen. Out of nowhere, he won a thoroughfare of Angelia the duel of Kagelmacher and goalkeeper Bruzzese was immediately outgunned (1-2). All right, mr. Van der Elst. It was godgeklaagd for the Guys. Just as in the regular season were the Carolo’s a 1-0 deficit, even though administered by Ezekiel, turned around to 1-2.

Because the home team was still frantically knokkend for every ball in search of the equalizer, and pressed in a bitsig matcheinde Charleroi still is completely gone. But the CHAMBER of commerce seemed no longer to equalize, only Ezekiel came there just really close. And in the slotminuut had Riou still handsome a bang of D’haene from target whip. But the Zebras in the final stage, failed the counters, held in a captivating and wild slot in which the Kortrijk coach Yves Vanderhaeghe was excluded, stand.

Charleroi may so Sunday in Antwerp to try the season to save with a European ticket. European football is for the Carolo’s all from the season 2015-2016 ago, it was when in the third round against the Ukrainian Zonja Lugansk. Also Antwerp will and will be next season European football, that is still a violent duel. For Kortrijk, dreaming of a first European ticket, lost already two PO2-finals, against Ostend and… Charleroi, it is nothing again.