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Of dedicated to Bran the Broken: This is the way of Bran Stark

Bran Stark dreams of becoming a knight, until he relentlessly by Jaime Lannister off one of Winterfells towers pushed. Its fall put the whole story in motion, and ultimately, he is also the one who finish the game. View in this video which is the only remaining son of Eddard Stark all that time it has been up to.

CAUTION: This article contains spoilers about the end of Game of thrones

Bran Stark continues after that fall from the tower paralyzed behind, dreaming about a three-eyed raven. When Theon Greyjoy Winterfell takes, flight, Bran and his brother Rickon, the wildling Osha, and the eternal good cat Hodor to the North. They are Jojen and Meera Reed. Bran learns of Jojen what his dreams mean and why he has the mind of his direwolf Summer to check.

In the harsh North, beyond the Wall, Bran finally reach the Three-Eyed-Raven. In the small cave, protected by ancient magic, he trains to be the successor-Raven. During one of his dreams to meet Bran the Night King and he will be by him branded, so the protective magic expires. The Night King – the ancient enemy of the Three-Eyed-Raven seizes his chance and attacks the cave. Hodor, ‘hold the door’, protects Bran to his last gasp. Thanks to his sacrifice can Meera and Bran narrowly out of the cave escape.

Dazed in a wheelchair

But the wights don’t let them rest. When done it seems to be for the duo, they are just saved by Brans uncle, Benjen Stark. He helps them safely back to the Wall. Once past it, is Bran Stark reunited with his family, but he is Bran Stark, not more. A season long he disappears from the series, after which he returns as the Three-Eyed-Raven. That mainly means that he is everywhere, dazed in a wheelchair pops up. But also that he is both the present and the past know.

In addition, Bran is also the reason that the Night King with his army of White Walkers marching to Winterfell. That Bran is not killed, he has – as always – to others to thank. This time, Arya’s face. The game of thrones continues, but Bran worth. When a new king is elected, it sets Tyrion Lannister in a riveting speech to Bran as the most logical choice. As the holder of all of the stories, Bran central in this story. Everyone is right for Bran the Broken, First of his name. Bran, on the two wheels of his wheelchair, finally breaks the wheel.


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