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Notre Dame to collapse in the wind

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From a first assessment of the damage shows that the walls of the Notre Dame in Paris, may collapse in a strong wind. It reports The Art Newspaper.

According to the report, the cathedral urgently stabiliteitswerken necessary. Engineers have calculated that the walls of the battered cathedral it is possible to move at wind speeds above 90 kilometers per hour. Before the fire on april 15, could the building wind speeds of 220 kilometres per hour, withstand. Also the vaults threatening to collapse because the stone is affected by fire, water and molten lead from the roof.

Experts dots in The Art Newspaper that a horizontal force, such as wind, in a gothic building such as Notre Dame is divided between buttresses and columns, which are connected with each other. That is different from modern architecture, where the weight is distributed over retaining walls. The restoration must, according to the report as soon as possible, the load-bearing structure of the Notre Dame strengthen.

According to the report, will that restoration also take a lot longer than the five years that the French president Emmanuel Macron announced.