Nora Gharib and Bart Peeters together program

697716d77add9d0e6fae1f3072188a39 - Nora Gharib and Bart Peeters together program

The summer is coming and so are the channels already working with the najaarsprogrammatie. The Latest News brings Wednesday announced a scoop: Nora Gharib and Bart Peeters are working on a new program for one: “Thanks for the music” is a kind of musical dream factory. In the past weeks and months, in the greatest of secrecy, recorded at different concerts. Thus, among others also in the Kursaal of Ostend, where the public and the press a while ago and was asked to not make withdrawals at the time of the recordings for a new program were made. So this was for “Thanks for the music”. In the program, people in a musical way surprised. For example, a amateurzangeres get the chance to get in front of a packed room to act, but it may also be that other artists have a song to sing to thank someone. The new program is the first collaboration between the Nora Gharib and Bart Peeters and this autumn on one to see.