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No problems for Telenet Giants Antwerp Liège

70b94b725bb52755f8eb42a8f02a8efc - No problems for Telenet Giants Antwerp Liège

Barely 24 hours after the handsome profit in Okapi Aalstar brought Telenet Giants Antwerp to Liège in confirmation. The Inhabitants won for the eighth time in a row in the EuroMillions League and recorded a fourth victory in six days, a third of which on the road.

The team of coach Roel Moors is now also unofficially and with 28 to 34 to the pipe. Friday (Winketkaai) and Sunday (Lotto Arena) confirm against Kangaroos Mechelen and the important poleposition, for the first time since the kampioenjaar 2000, is a fact for Telenet Giants Antwerp. The Giants can get that first place still lose if they on the one hand, losing this coming weekend of Kangaroos Mechelen and Ostend, a 2 on 2 books at the Mountains. If the kustploeg one time goes down against the Henegouwers, the Inhabitants twice in a row against the red cross to lose the poleposition still lost to the west.

“Two matches in 24 hours! It was for both my staff and selection is not evident. After the hard-fought gains in Okapi Aalstar was indeed smooth in Liège. A plus was also that I have all twelve players could be employed. The many rotations in a very busy schedule are also wonderfully taken,” said coach Roel Moors. “The 2 to 2 to 24 hours is fine, but confirm it in the latest back-to-back this weekend, is now the order Otherwise, all the efforts of the last bizarre week will have been for nothing. Today (Thursday) start with care, recuperatietraining and a videosessie than all the preparation for the party on Friday in Kangaroos Mechelen,” according to coach Roel Moors.

Red lantern Liège formed on the first-quarter (22-25), and through the triples extracting Bradford Burgess, no problems for Telenet Giants Antwerp. The club from the Fiery City missed with Brieuc Lemaire, Milos Bojovic, Terry Deroover and Naim El Khounchar four injured players. The Giants recupereerden Hans Vanwijn while Thomas Akyzaili with a foot injury, still along the side remained.

Paris Lee, Yoeri Blades, Vic Sanders and Tyler Kalinoski loodsten the Giants against a weak Hatch to an already decisive 39-55 bonus halfway. All twelve players came to the Inhabitants to score and so also Young Guns as Vrenz Bleijenbergh and Killian Van Den Langenbergh. After a 53-75 Antwerp ahead of it went in a redundant slotkwart to clear Antwerp profit.