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Natalie Portman calls Moby a scary older man

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Moby (53) states in his biography that he ever had a relationship with actress Natalie Portman (37). She denies that. “In my memory, he was a much older man that is creepy to me.”

According to Moby, known for hits such as ‘Why does my heart feel so bad?’ and ‘Go’, he and Natalie Portman a few weeks together when she was 20 and he 33. “I was a bald bingedrinker and Natalie a beautiful movie. But there she was in my dressing room, flirting with me. I was 33 and she is 20, but it was her world,’ is heard in the biography Then it fell apart.

Then they would also a few weeks gedatet. He writes how, among the old oaks of Harvard have kissed and to parties in New York went. ‘But one night she called me to say that she has someone else had met.’


According to the actress there is hardly anything of where. She responded in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar also bright. “I was surprised to hear that he is the short period that we knew each other, described as dating. Because the only thing I remember is a much older man who is very scary news to me. He says that I’m twenty, but that’s right not at all. I was just barely eighteen and just graduated from high school.”

The actress is also keen for the publisher of the book and advised him of the facts in the sequel. According to her, it was a ‘deliberate attempt’ to get more books to sell. “I find that very disturbing. There are many factual errors and fabrications.’

According to her, early Moby her to be friends, and have them a few times agreed.

Lana Del Rey

Moby also claims that he and Lizzy Grant known as Lana Del Rey, has been working and that he is with her ‘trying to date’. “I began to kiss her. She kissed me back, but stopped suddenly. What is it, I asked. “I like you, but I hear that you do this with a lot of people do.” I wanted to lie and tell her that I didn’t, that I was ethical, in my mind, and decent. But I said nothing.’