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“Monaco may change in the F1 championship mean”

f262853bfd83760606f0c6d256a4ba4b - "Monaco may change in the F1 championship mean"

According to former F1 champion Jenson Button during the next race in Monaco and the dominance of Mercedes this F1 season be broken.

Mercedes dominates currently the F1-season during the first five races of the season five dubbeloverwinningen in a row. On three points after won Mercedes the hitherto maximum possible number of points. Hamilton and Bottas in the drivers ‘ championship also marked at the top.

According to Jenson Button, the F1 champion of 2009, the situation from Monaco, however, completely different. Monaco is, according to Button the ideal circuit for the competition to hit back, and the dominance of Mercedes to break.

“The great thing is that Monaco is the next race,” says Button, as opposed to ‘Sky F1’.

“Monaco is a circuit where Mercedes will probably still be very fast will be but you also have Red Bull and Max Verstappen that are also very fast.”

The past years went to Verstappen in Monaco several times in the error. Problem for Verstappen was that often during the practice sessions or the qualifying misliep, his chances during the race blew.

According to Button, the for Verstappen, it is crucial to have a ‘flawless’ weekend away, and so his chances during the race cool.

“If Max on Saturday and he does not crash during the qualification then we all know how fast he is, especially on racing circuits,” said Button. “There will often be a battle with Mercedes. Then we have Montreal.”

Monaco and the races that follow, according to Button so clear for a turnaround in the championship worry.

“The next races will all mix, and that may be the mindset for the teams, and the Mercedes-riders do change.”

“I really think the championship by each other will be achieved,” concluded the former F1 champion.

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