Minister, and The Block is a nurse

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Cathérine Moerkerke draws on Wednesday, may 22, for Telefacts with three ministers to the workplace: they will send Koen Geens to the prison as a warden, cross, Maggie De Block in a verplegersuniform and let Liesbeth Homans round go to the needy. All three running they actually do a shift. Ministers enter a legislature for long a policy that is immediately noticeable is in the sector(s) for which they are competent. But how experienced the people on the ground the political decisions? Both those working in the sector, as well as those who appeal to them? After five years, it is time to take stock.

Minister Of Health Maggie De Block goes to the Municipal Hospital in Aalst, where they are both on the emergency room as on geriatrics assist. “They are good for me and work hard”, gives an elderly woman the minister. “But they should feel free to earn more”.

Minister of Justice Koen Geens follows eight hours in the footsteps of the warders of the prison of Antwerp. Precisely on the day on which the late team, a strike has been scheduled. The inmates use the opportunity to have their complaint against the minister. “We sit here with too many people in one cell. That is really not livable”.