Mega Mindy-actor felled by brain hemorrhage

f1eb89b0b513250e9c2edd9ef3583836 - Mega Mindy-actor felled by brain hemorrhage

By the end of 2018, there came bad news about Anton Cogen, the actor who played the role of commissioner Migrain in the series of Mega Mindy plays. Cogen was hit by a stroke and it looked very not good…

By the end of 2018 dropped Mega Mindy-actor Anton Cogen in each other in his house. “He was however very healthy and nothing did suspect that a stroke was bound to come,” says daughter Hannah Cogen in The Latest News. Anton was alone in the house, it was only after an hour found by his wife who immediately the emergency services called. It was a large panic because it did not look good. “From one second to the other I went against the plain,” says Anton Cogen for the first time back on the facts in this. “I was conscious, but completely paralyzed…”

“An hour I have it so situated, completely helpless, not knowing what happened to me was happening,” recalls Anton Cogen is that fateful day when he happened to be home alone. When his wife got home went hastily in the direction of hospital of Aalst where the verdict was: a brain haemorrhage. The actor was operated on and his life was saved, but there awaited him a long rehabilitation. And that started with dark thoughts.