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Max Verstappen: “Monaco is a special and hectic weekend”

78c249c70a59065538db32c5404f9b60 - Max Verstappen: “Monaco is a special and hectic weekend”

Max Verstappen is looking forward to next weekend at his ‘home race’ in Monaco to drive. Because Verstappen in Monaco, living in a home that weekend after all, there’s the extra special.

In Spain, succeeded Verstappen managed to both Ferarri’s behind to keep themselves and together with Hamilton and Bottas on the podium. In Monaco awaits with a street circuit, however, a completely different challenge, one that Verstappen, however, greatly overlooks.

“It was great to be in Barcelona again on the stage, and I look already forward to Monaco,” as you can read on Verstappen’s official website.

“It is a special and hectic weekend. It is a street circuit with a lot of history, and it is not the best track for me in the last few years. But hopefully I can this time to change this.”

For Verstappen is Monaco really is a ‘home race’. The Dutchman may, after the end of the sessions just to his own apartment to step into and not in a ‘strange’ bed to sleep.

“I live in Monaco and it is nice to be in my own apartment to sleep in, instead of in a hotel. A few friends and family will be there too and I look forward to meet them and a good weekend to enjoy,” said Verstappen.

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