Marieke Vervoort fight for what is quality of life

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Marieke Vervoort was this month 40 years, but there was no grand celebration, that shows the fragile health of the former rolstoelatlete not. After all, they are not so good with Wielemie. Still fights Marieke Vervoort for her lonely battle against excruciating pain and the progressive tetraplegie where her arms and legs become paralyzed. “Mentally, it starts very heavy,” says Wielemie. “The quality of my life is going very fast in reverse. I have hardly any strength and often feel really not good. There are days that I have my seat not come, so that I nothing can do,” says Marieke. Yet there are also bright spots in the life of Wielemie.

Marieke tells in the Story openly about how they dogged fight for what is quality of life. Fortunately, forms, the pregnancy of her sister and the company of her dogs are bright spots. “Well, I joy,” says Marieke. “I make plenty of my good moments,” says Marieke in the Story. Thanks to a little motor on her wheelchair, she can have a good time in the fields, to withdraw with her dogs Zenn and Luck. “The dogs are crosses, there, well I have a lot of joie de vivre.”

“I also go regularly to skydive. That feeling of freedom is priceless. When I get in the air hang down and my wheelchair and see… Blessed.” According To Marieke Vervoort. And of course there is also the pregnancy of her sister Goele. “I’m very happy for her,” says Marieke, but metres of baby wanted She was not to be. “Because I don’t know how long I have left…” Wielemie: “I’ve had my meter to hand when I was barely eight, and I have huge plans. I want the child Goele not do. I will, however, aunt Mei.”